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Shannon M. Wong, Certified Rolfer, LMT & Reiki Master 

I'm a born and raised Portlander and feel so blessed to have been planted here...I couldn't seem to get away and now my roots grow deep with so many connections.  It is such a wonderful community.  

 I came into the field of massage as one who received the work which supported me in profound ways.  When I was searching for a new way of living and working, after a stressful career as an elementary school teacher, massage therapy was a clear choice, as it had helped me so much.  It's been a profound journey of self discovery and learning about the body and spirit and life patterns and how they all impact each other.  There is endless exploration opportunity which continues to excite me with the work.  

 I went to Namaste Institute of Massage in Rockland, ME, in 2011 and have worked in wellness centers and have grown this beautiful private practice as well which is really all about the lovely clients I work with.  I've studied some basic myofascial principles and techniques, beginning Cranial Sacral and have experience with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neruromuscular Therapy, Hot Stone Cupping, Gua Sha, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and have developed a passion for learning about plant medicine and have created homemade infused oils to work with in the practice.  


When not massaging, I love to make pottery for my business Shannon M Wong Pottery, and also make Goats Milk Soap with Organic ingredients that I sell at the office, via a business called Willow Tree Soaps.   In my personal life I find joy, peace and adventure hiking in the mountains or anywhere in nature really, practicing martial arts, swimming and even cold plunging in the lakes and ocean, spending time with my husband, dog and cats, and other family and friends, practicing yoga, journaling, and otherwise being in nature.  


It would be my honor to be a part of your healing path, whether for 1 session, a few, or many years.  


Warmly, Shannon


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