Shannon M. Wong, LMT & Reiki Master Practitioner

I'm a born and raised Portlander.   I feel blessed that I was brought into being in this area, and am so appreciative I am able to have a life here now centered on servicing others through providing massage and Reiki.  

I came to massage therapy as a second career.  I taught elementary school for 7 years and toward the end of my time teaching, I discovered massage and fell in love with the wonderful stress reduction benefits it provided.  It literally supported me in my teaching for the last couple of years. And now, I can't even imagine life without it!  

As an elementary school teacher,  I learned first hand what a massage can do for a tired, stressed out mind, body and spirit.  I received massage weekly for 2 years.  It brought me peace, healing, grounding, and a more integrated self.  

When it was necessary for me to leave teaching and I reflected on what the next chapter would bring, massage was a natural answer.  

 I went to Namaste Institute of Massage in Rockland, ME, in 2011 and have worked in wellness centers and now have this beautiful private practice as well.  I have experience with Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neruromuscular Therapy, Hot Stone Cupping, Aromatherapy and Reiki, a healing energy work.


When not massaging, I love to make pottery for my business Shannon M Wong Pottery   I also have a passion for hiking in the mountains or anywhere in nature really, practicing martial arts, swimming in the lakes and ocean, spending time with my husband, dog and cats, and other family, practicing yoga, journaling, and otherwise being in nature.  


It would be my honor to be a part of your healing journey, whether for 1 session, a few, or many years.