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Out of Office from 5/24-Late October
Studying Rolfing Structural Integration


Welcome to the bodywork practice of Shannon Murphy Wong.  Currently, Shannon is pursuing an educational opportunity at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO.  Rolfing (Structural Integration) is a bodywork style that can have profound lasting results.  Shannon came upon it from the suggestion of her chiropractor when she was dealing with some low back pain and then later when she was dealing with a debilitating rotator cuff injury that was struggling to heal.  

Shannon worked with Becky Dacus out of Auburn, who did a 10 series.  The 10 series is a series of 10 sessions, where each focuses on a specific  area of concern.  It's like a recipe that the practitioner can modify with their own style and skills and customization for what the clients is presenting.  Posture and gait and some movements are analyzed and it's determined what the best course of action is.

My rotator cuff injury was significantly improved after 1 session.  Becky was able to get my shoulder back in it's joint, which many other practitioners I sought help from didn't notice it.  The deviated septum in my right nostril, which had been mostly blocked for 20 years opened with some manipulation.  I could profound, and totally an unexpected surprise from the work.  

When the series was complete, my walk was more fluid.  I felt more ability to move my lower back.  I felt I had swagger in my walk.  Because there was so much more ease and less restriction in my whole body, it was working more efficiently and I had more energy and fluidity.  I felt like I had a new body.  With these profound changes, I felt I needed to pursue learning about it.  My massage practice was ready for something new and easier on my body which would create more potential change for my clients.  

I took the leap of faith and invested in myself and the practice and am now on the journey learning from the source of Structural Integration.  I feel like this is the purist source to learn from.  I'm so excited to bring this bodywork back to the Portland area in late October.  

Stay tuned for my offerings and the opening of my calendar to book appointments.  In the meantime, you are welcome to join my email list for updates.  

"Shannon provides a highly individualized, caring, stress-relieving massage experience." - Sally P.


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